Program Overview
Each Grade-Level Kit Includes:

Fluency Library
(with Audio CDs)*
The Fluency Library contains 24 high-interest titles to engage students in independent fluency practice. These quick and easy reads help students build automaticity and motivate them to read and reread. The corresponding Audio CDs model fluent reading at two read-along speeds-Practice Speed and Expert Speed. See sample inside pages
Professional Guide
The Professional Guide includes tips for building fluency with English-Language Learners, including vocabulary development. See sample inside pages
Read Aloud Anthology
Each Professional Guide comes with a complete Read Aloud Anthology. The fiction and nonfiction selections include award winning stories, student favorites, and those stories that enhance students’ cultural literacy. See sample inside pages

Student Workbook
Each grade-level Fluency Formula workbook contains 24 short, easy-to-read selections with follow-up comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics questions. These curriculum-related quick-reads are ideal for independent work and at-home practice! See sample inside pages
Fluency Formula
Activity Cards
Fluency Formula Activity Cards are designed for small-group work and focus on a specific fluency strategy. Students read aloud grade-appropriate poems, plays, and passages, and practice partner, choral, expressive, and expert reading. See sample cards
Independent Reading Chart
Independent reading, and lots of it, is critical to building fluent readers. The Independent Reading Chart is a great tool for monitoring students’ reading in school and at home. Instructors can add motivation with bookmarks that include fluency-building tips. See close-up

Fluency Flip Chart
The Fluency FlipChart is ideal for small-group presentations and reinforces the skills that all students need to know in order to be fluent readers. The FlipChart lessons target those students who have needs in these foundational skill areas. See close-up
Leveled Passages Reproducibles*
Each of the 72 high-interest Leveled Passage Reproducibles help instructors provide additional independent reading practice for those students reading significantly below or above grade level. The collection includes summarizing and retelling prompts for each passage, feedback checklists for use by a partner and a chart for students to record repeated timed readings. There are 12 leveled passages for each reading level, 1.0 to 7.0. See sample inside pages
Assessment System*
The Assessment System gives instructors the tools to quickly administer formal oral fluency assessments three times per year to all students and weekly to basic and below-basic students. The Assessment System includes benchmark passages to assess students and progress charts to interpret data and set new goals! Each grade-level Assessment System includes: Assessment Handbook; Benchmark Passages (3); Progress Monitoring Passages (24); Progress Charts; and Student Timer.
(Student Timer not included in sampler.) See sample inside pages

Motivational Bookmarks
The Motivational Bookmarks can be used by students during independent reading. Each bookmark contains a reading tip focusing on each of the key aspects of reading fluency—speed, accuracy, and prosody.
Building Fluency
This professional book, by program author Wiley Blevins, provides an additional resource of fluency-building materials and makes a nice addition to your professional library.

*Available for purchase separately