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Make Real-Life Reading Accessible for All Students

This NEW game-changing program uses simulated, real-world texts like restaurant menus, maps, ads, game directions, and web pages to take reading from the theoretical to the practical.

When students connect the dots to everyday life, their interest increases—and so does their reading success.

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About the Authors

  • foto01

    Dr. Gay Su Pinnell

    Dr. Pinnell is one of America’s leading authorities on literacy. She is an author on Scholastic’s Guided Reading Programs. She is a Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning of Ohio State University College of Education.

  • foto02

    Dr. Irene Fountas

    Dr. Fountas is an internationally recognized expert on literacy and has many years of classroom experience in the U.S. and abroad. She has co-authored Scholastic Guided Reading Programs and is a professor at Lesley University.