Program Overview

Everyday Literacy for Grades K–6 is a nonfiction and informational text program that provides students with everyday reasons to read. Each grade-level set is comprised of a real-world theme, and each component connects students to informational texts based on that theme. Everyday Literacy gives students the opportunity to develop the skills they need to locate information, analyze and interpret that information, and distinguish fact from fiction.

Each Grade-Level Set includes:

  • 10 Different "Real-World" Texts (25 Copies of each*; 250 texts total)
  • 10 Teaching Cards
  • 1 Professional Guide
  • Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM (with 30 instructional activities)
  • Storage Bins

*Everyday Texts are not consumables. Most texts are printed on Tyvek© which is tear, puncture and moisture resistant and 100% recyclable.

When students connect the dots to their everyday life, their interest increases–and so does their reading success. The Everyday Literacy Components Include:

Menus & Magazine Articles

Restaurant menus teach students how to order foods and beverages, and Magazine Articles help students navigate through organized expository text.


Guidebooks & Fact Books

Guidebooks and Fact books with compelling photographs lead students to understand how to access expository text quickly and easily.


Ads & Catalogs

Ads and catalogs are excellent tools for teaching students how to recognize and respond to persuasive language.


Invitations, Charts, Maps & Game Directions

Invitations, charts, maps, and game directions provide an opportunity for students to navigate through procedural texts.


Teaching Cards

Each grade-level set of Everyday Literacy includes 10 teaching cards per level that each includes Vocabulary, Text Types and Feature, as well as Discussion Topics to deepen inquiry and comprehension, and much, much more.

Interactive Whiteboard CD

Each grade-level set of Everyday Literacy includes an Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM that is meant for both whole class instruction and for students to work individually or in groups. Each lesson on the Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM is directly aligned to the Teaching Cards, making up a total of 10 lessons for each grade level. Also, each lesson is divided into 3 sections: instruction, review, and activity.

System Requirements:

  • DVD player (to install)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz Processor
  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Home and Professional versions
  • Mac OSX 10.4.11 or higher