Scholastic GO!
Award-winning Scholastic GO! is the go-to digital resource for
educators seeking to provide authentic nonfiction content and
improve literacy skills.

Scholastic GO! helps students:

  • Build vocabulary and analytical skills
  • Strive to comprehend increasing levels of text complexity
  • Identify and articulate point of view
  • Master analysis of evidence-based learning
  • Build digital reading stamina
  • Acquire content-area knowledge
  • Closely read informational and authentic texts

Scholastic GO!

Go Everywhere

With the following resources at your disposal, you can GO Everywhere with Scholastic GO!!

  • Over 120,000 articles – all articles are lexiled and are correlated to national and state standards
  • Over 340,000 editor vetted web links
  • Over 1,100 world newspapers in 73 languages representing 195 countries

Go Anywhere

With the following resources at your disposal, you can also GO Anywhere with Scholastic GO!! From the library, from the classroom, and with remote access from home, the limitless resources from Scholastic GO! are always at your fingertips!

Key Features of Scholastic GO!

Customized Interfaces

Users can choose among five customized interfaces that meet specialized needs and the reading and interest levels of the user. The five interfaces are:

  • Elementary School interface
  • Middle School interface
  • High School interface
  • Adult Patron interface
  • Librarians/Educators interface

Each interface includes features and returns search results based on reading levels tied to three core differentiated domains: Elementary School, Middle School, and High School/Adult Patron.

GoTube Videos

Another new feature on Scholastic GO!, are GOTube videos. Accessible from any interface, the GOTube piques students’ interests and gets them engaged while always providing key learning moments.

World Newspapers

Another powerful feature of Scholastic GO! is the list of world newspapers. There are links to 1,100 world newspapers in 73 languages representing 195 countries in Scholastic GO!.

Clickable Maps

Think Google Maps with an exhaustive array of drill-down content behind it, arrayed in layers: from global, to national, to state-level, to cities, and local views. The maps provide not only history, but topography, political climate, current events, etc. Over 1200 maps!

Sample Screens

Award-Winning Content

The award-winning curriculum-aligned resources in Scholastic GO! include:

Three general reference resources

  • The New Book of Knowledge, which is most suitable for elementary school students.
  • The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, which is most suitable for middle school students.
  • The Encyclopedia Americana, which is most appropriate for high school students.

Two science intensive resources

  • Amazing Animals of the World, which is most appropriate for elementary school students.
  • The New Book of Popular Science, which is appropriate for both middle school and high school students.

Two Social Studies intensive resources

  • America the Beautiful: State-by-state history and current events for elementary and middle schools.
  • Lands and Peoples: An online resource of countries, cultures, and current events for middle and high schools.

La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre

  • A comprehensive resource for Spanish speakers and Spanish-language students.