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Content Areas Program:Levels A-F

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Simple books with one line of one to six words per page, easy-to-see print, and ample space between words. Children can focus on print and gradually increase their control over words. Most of the books in Level A focus on topics familiar to children.

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Level A titles:

School Day! Cervantes
We Play Together Blevins
I See Bugs! Blevins
On a Boat Novek
1, 2, 3, in the Box Tarlow
Elephants Like To Cherrington
Numbers All Around Berger
Flowers Have Colors Cherrington
We Read Blevins
We Write Blevins

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Books focus on a simple story line or single idea, with direct correspondence between text and pictures; one or two lines of print per page with a variety of punctuation; many books at this level feature repeating patterns in the text.

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Level B titles:

We Live Here Salzman
Can You See the Rabbit? Berger
Can We Go? Cherrington
I See Flags Blevins
How to Make a Wind Sock Tarlow
Who Hid? Leber
Look-and-Find Shapes Blevins
Whose Bones? Fernandez
From Sheep to Sweater Tarlow
What's the Weather Cali

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Books explore familiar topics in a variety of ways to offer new viewpoints to the reader; simple sentences may have introductory clauses set off by punctuation; text may be patterned but is not as predictable as in Levels A and B.

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Level C titles:

We Like Summer Blevins
How Will I Get to Grandma's House? Blevins
My Scrapbook Alexander
On the Farm
What Time Is It? Moriarty
A Kitten Is a Baby Cat Blevins
Fun With Simple Machines Tarlow
Please, Thank You Alexander
Where Are They? Humphries

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Books cover familiar topics but introduce new, more abstract ideas; illustrations support the text but more attention to print is required; text contains more compound and multisyllable words and a full range of punctuation.

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Level D titles:

Animals in Art Blevins
Then and Now Berger
Where Does Food Grow? Blevins
Feel Better
Clifford Can Blevins
How Many Ducks? Blevins
The Little Red Hen Tarlow
I Need a Little Help Schulz
Look At These Trees
We Need the Sun

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Stories have more or longer episodes; informational books present more complex ideas; books are longer than in previous levels, with more pages or more lines of text on each page; sentences carry over several pages, with more complex punctuation.

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Level E titles:

All Around Our Country Hutchins
Animal Moms and Dads
Cat in the Bag
City Life and Country Life
Hello, Doctor!
Let's Go to a Fair
Let's Go to a Museum
On the Job
School Long Ago
What Do Artists Use?

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Concepts presented in books at this level are more distant from familiar topics; larger variety of frequently used words and many more new words; text reflects patterns of written, rather than oral, language.

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Level F titles:

I Like Cheese Pickering
Storms Durgin-Bruce
Watch Me Plant a Garden Otten
What Can I Buy? Moriarty
How Does Your Salad Grow Alexander
I'm a Seed Marzollo
Ellen Ochoa Walker
My Goldfish Walker
I Can Play Soccer Eckart
Animal Pals Cherrington

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*Content Area titles are subject to availability.