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Content Areas Program:Levels M-N

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In books at this level, the language changes on each page, rather than repeating in patterns; books offer challenges in ideas and vocabulary, with some introduction to technical language; variety of print styles and text layout require readers' close attention and flexibility.

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Level G titles:

Find the Wild Animal Foley
Made with Glass Cherrington
Math at the Store Amato
It's a Good Thing There Are Insects Fowler
Tic-Tac-Toe, Three in a Row Stamper
The Secret Code Rau
How Big, How Much Hutchins
From Seed to Pumpkin Kottke
Tracks in the Sand Levin
Make a Leaf Rubbing Ballinger & Gosset

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Books are similar in difficulty to level G, but the texts vary more widely in size of print, length of sentences, and type of language; texts are less repetitious in events and language structures, with expanded vocabulary.

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Level H titles:

A Day With a Mechanic Winne
School in Colonial America Thomas
George Washington Abraham
A Day With Air Traffic Controllers Winne
The 100th Day Maccarone
Monster Money Maccarone
Colin Powell Hill
I Am Planet Earth Marzollo
The Wheat We Eat Fowler
From Acorn to Oak Tree Kottke

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Longer and more complex stories than in levels G and H, with more highly elaborated information; multisyllable words arranged in longer sentences and paragraphs that require complex word solving; illustrations enhance meaning but provide less support for understanding the meaning of the text.

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Level I titles:

A House Spider's Life Himmelman
Where Do Puddles Go? Fowler & Robinson
A Flag for All Brimner
Choosing Eyeglasses With Mrs. Koutris Flanagan
Shadows Otto
How Many Ants Brimner
Looking Through a Telescope Bullock
President's Day Marx
The Apple Pie Tree Hall
Beetles Eckart

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Beginning chapter books appear for the first time at this level, requiring readers to recall information over more than one sitting; fewer illustrations with whole pages of text in some books.

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Level J titles:

Germs! Germs! Germs! Katz
How Do Your Lungs Work Curry
Giant Pandas: Gifts From China Fowler
Bart's Amazing Charts Ochiltree
An Earthworm's Life Himmelman
Harriet Tubman Nichols
Thunder and Lightning Pfeffer
We Need Directions! De Capua
Inside an Ant Colony Fowler
The Field Mouse and The Dinosaur Named Sue Wahl

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This level includes chapter books and short informational books with difficult concepts; readers learn about concepts and events outside their own experiences; readers need to use a variety of strategies to figure out different writing styles.

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Level K titles:

The Earth Is Mostly Ocean Fowler
Fluff and Feathers, Spikes and Skin Finton
Plants That Eat Animals Fowler
The 512 Ants on Sullivan Street Losi
A Girl Named Helen Keller Lundell
Sounds All Around Pfeffer
The Best Way to Play Cosby
Veteran's Day Cotton
The Mississippi River Fowler
Under the Ground Pluckrose

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Books at this level are much longer and more complex, and include biographies; longer texts include many multisyllabic words and expand readers' vocabularies; some texts present abstract or symbolic themes.

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Level L titles:

Japan Pluckrose
Chomp! A Book About Sharks Berger
The Grapes of Math Tang
Antarctica Fowler
Bats MacLulich
Flies Are Fascinating Wilkinson
In 1492 Marzollo
Solar System Vogt
Tell Me Why Planes Have Wings Willis
Tyrannosaurus Rex Landau

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Text includes more complex language, and requires reader to make interpretations; most books at this level have greatly expanded vocabulary; many books at this level have smaller print with narrower word spacing.

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Level M titles:

Tell Me How Much It Weighs Willis
Turtles Take Their Time Fowler
Five True Horse Stories Davidson
A. Lincoln and Me Borden
Journey of the Butterfly Scrace
Sounds, Light, Heat: Energy at Work Berger
Save the Rain Forests Fowler
What If You'd Met . . . Beethoven Myers
Helping Paws: Dogs That Serve Luke
I Hate English! Levine

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Vocabulary continues to expand and go beyond readers' own experiences; variety of texts offer readers a chance to interpret information and speculate on alternate meanings.

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Level N titles:

Staying Healthy: Sleep & Rest McGinty
Special Olympics Kennedy
Measuring Penny Leedy
Becoming a Citizen De Capua
Working at a TV Station Davis
Wild Weather: Blizzards! Hopping
Hawks on the Clock Moriarty
Tell Me How Far It Is Willis
Constellations Sipiera
Let's Find Out About Money Barbaras

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