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Guided Reading en espanolLevels 7-12

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Books are longer and more complex than at levels 5 and 6. Size of print is smaller and there are more lines of print on the page. Books have longer sentences and paragraphs. There are more multisyllabic words. Illustrations enhance the story, but provide low support for understanding meaning.

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Level 7 titles:

¡El lobo llama a la puerta! Ward
Siete ratones ciegos Young
Así vamos a la escuela Baer
Gilberto y el viento Hall Ets
Sombras Otto

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Books are more difficult and varied than level 7. Informational books with new concepts and chapter books with complex narratives and memorable characters can be found in this level. Illustrations enhance the text but offer little support for figuring out new words. Texts have many high frequency words but may also have unfamiliar and/or technical words.

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Level 8 titles:

Plantas que comen animales Fowler
Perros de trineo Todd
Pedro, el valiente Broadley
Trenes Gibbons
Clic, Clac, Muu: vacas escritoras Cronin

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Level 9 includes longer chapter books, shorter informational books, and literary texts with illustrations that enhance meaning. Stories have multiple episodes related to a single plot. Some stories have to do with times, places, and characters outside children’s experience.

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Level 9 titles:

El chiquero Teague
El león y el ratón Valeri
Los murciélagos Goldberger
Querido Salvatierra James
Donde viven los monstruos Sendak

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At Level 10 there is a variety of texts, including informational books, biographies, chapter books, and some longer, highly literary, or informational picture books. Chapter books have more sophisticated plots and characters that are developed throughout the text. Some books have abstract or symbolic themes that require higher-level conceptual understanding. Texts contain an expanded vocabulary with many multisyllabic words.

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Level 10 titles:

Sapo y Sepo son amigos Lobel
Avenida Pennsylvania No. 1600 Wirth
Una canasta de cumpleaños para Tía Mora
Los bomberos Mitten
Frida Winter

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Books have a variety of formats. Topics vary widely and include subjects that will be familiar to children and those that are new. Literary selections have complex language and subtle meanings that require interpretation and background knowledge. Chapter books are longer with few pictures.

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Level 11 titles:

Ruby, mono ve, mono hace Rathmann
Oye, hormiguita Hoose & Hoose
Las llamas Ring
Tikki Tikki Tembo Mosel
El libro de las palomitas de maíz de Paola

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Longer texts in a variety of genres. Chapter books present memorable characters developed through literary devices such as humor, irony, and whimsy. Informational books offer mystery and suspense. Vocabulary continues to expand, and topics go well beyond students’ own experiences.

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Level 12 titles:

¡Relámpagos! Hopping
Un caso grave de rayas Shannon
El secreto de las momias Goldish
Niño Cuervo Yashima
La boda de la ratoncita Dupré

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