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Leveled Bookroom,
3rd Edition

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The NEW! Leveled Bookroom 3rd Edition is where quality meets quantity.
The quantity of thousands of authentic texts across hundreds of themes, genres, and levels, written by renowned authors and illustrators, is paired with the quality of deep, research-based instruction to enrich teacher skills and prepare students for today’s academic demands.

Leveled Bookrooms are available in K–3, 4–6, and K–6 packages.

For more information, visit scholastic.com/leveledbookrooms.

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Guided Reading Professional Learning Services

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For over 30 years, Scholastic has worked with the authorities of guided reading to develop the most widely used guided reading programs in the country. We understand the benefits of guided reading and the misconceptions that prevent effective implementation. Our Professional Learning Services will help you develop best practices to ensure every teacher is equipped to foster student learning with guided reading instruction.

Initiate a Comprehensive System of Professional Learning by recognizing where your team is, offering opportunities to collaborate with master teachers, and including constant evaluation.

Develop instructional best practices through ongoing, job-embedded coaching from our esteemed network of literacy consultants.

Sustain a culture of reading achievement with follow-up implementation training designed to maximize users’ understanding of and expertise with the program.

To learn more about our Guided Reading Professional Learning Services and for purchasing options, please visit scholastic.com/scholasticprofessional or call 1-800-387-1437.

Next Step Guided Reading Assessment—
Grades K–6

Next Step Guided Reading Assessment product arrangement

Developed by master reading teachers Jan Richardson, PhD, and Maria Walther, EdD, Next Step Guided Reading Assessment answers the call for a guided reading system that’s designed from the ground up to meet today’s rigorous standards.

Each kit includes:

  • Original assessment texts
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Reproducible assessment forms book and CD
  • Assessment Conference Book
  • Sturdy storage box

Learn more at scholastic.com/nextstepguidedreading

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Next Step Guided Reading Assessment product arrangement

Next Step Guided Reading Resources with Built-in Coaching & Support

Next Step Guided Reading resources with built-in coaching & support

The Next Step in Guided Reading—Grades K–8

Authored by Jan Richardson, PhD, this 304-page book features targeted assessments, specific strategies students need, the use of guided writing to support the reading process, and much more!

Next Step Guided Reading in Action

Watch Jan Richardson lead targeted lessons that accelerate reading growth.

Each kit includes:

  • 120-Minute DVD
  • View & Do Guide with sample teaching schedules, lessons, and Routines
  • CD with Planning and Assessment Forms

Learn more at teacherexpress.scholastic.com/NSGRA

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Guided Reading Toolkit

Guided Reading Toolkit product arrangement

An essential resource for any teacher looking for support in the effective implementation of guided reading, the Toolkit features strategies for classroom management, direct connections to current standards, assessment, and resources for working with struggling readers and ELLs. Best of all, there’s a website with videos modeling guided reading.

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Differentiated Instruction for Middle School

Differentiated Instruction for Middle School

Fiction Focus bin of books. "The Lightning Theif." "The Yearling."

Based on the principles from literacy experts Fountas and Pinnell, this program offers a variety of authentic, leveled texts that are perfect for a variety of middle school classroom settings. Each kit covers Reading Levels W–Z and focuses on one type of literature—fiction, nonfiction, or content area. Nonfiction 2nd Edition and Text Types are coming soon!

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