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Nonfiction Focus Program:Levels A-F

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Simple books with one line of one to six words per page, easy-to-see print, and ample space between words. Children can focus on print and gradually increase their control over words. Most of the books in Level A focus on topics familiar to children.

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Level A titles:

The Beach Ives
Count on Fish Tree
Hair Wilton
In the Pond Hearn
In the Woods Charles
Let's Go! Theo
Let's Make Soup Gibbs
Little Panda, The Noonan
Skippy Likes the Seasons Carroll
Trucks Craft

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Books focus on a simple story line or single idea, with direct correspondence between text and pictures; one or two lines of text per page, with a variety of punctuation; many books at this level feature repeating patterns in the text.

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Level B titles:

Can It Float? Carroll
Count the Wheels Daniels
Houses Frazier
So Many Hats Ryder
Sounds on the Farm Ives
Sports Wolfe
Trees Mitchell
What Do You See? Flaherty
What's The Weather, Meg? Smith
Where are Jack and Jill? Rothman

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Books explore familiar topics in a variety of ways to offer new viewpoints to the reader; simple sentences may have introductory clauses set off by punctuation; text may be patterned but is not as predictable as in Levels A and B.

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Level C titles:

All Kinds of Boats Noonan
Animal Tracks Parker
Be Happy! Dale
Big Dinosaur Day, The Lee
Birds and Beaks Wolfe
I Love Snow! Ivesy
Night Ryder
Push! Pull! Move it! Taylor
Spots or Stripes Adley
World of Flags, A Roman

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Books cover familiar topics but introduce new, more abstract ideas; illustrations support the text but more attention to print is required; text contains more compound and multisyllable words and a full range of punctuation.

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Level D titles:

At Home In a Shell Jordan
Get Up and Go! Taylor
Good For Us Rothman
In the Cold, Cold Sea Dana
Insect Countdown Ives
Just Write! Quick
Meet the Bears Stuart
Penguins Worley
Snack Time Smith
What Kittens Needs Parker

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Stories have more or longer episodes; informational books present more complex ideas; books are longer than in previous levels, with more pages or more lines of text on each page; sentences carry over several pages, with more complex punctuation.

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Level E titles:

Awake at Night Wolfe
City or Country? Ellen
Horses Help Cherrington
In the Mountains Eli
Is This a Real Animal? Caryn
Just in Time Worley
On the Lake Jones
Pictures from Long Ago Tree
Tortillas González-Jensen
What About Frogs? Michaels

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Concepts presented in books at this level are more distant from familiar topics; larger variety of frequently used words and many more new words; text reflects patterns of written, rather than oral, language.

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Level F titles:

Animals Are Living Things Drew
Investigators: Life Cycles Animals Grow Up Nelson
At Home in a Nest Wilton
Big Rivers Ryder
The Cows Are in the Corn Young
Elephants Noonan
The Enormous Turnip McBeath
The Grass Grows Gibbs
Growing Pumpkins Ives
Where Do People Hike? Roberts

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