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Nonfiction Focus Program:Levels S-Z

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Selections challenge readers to make connections with previous reading and with historical events; words present many shades of meaning that require readers' interpretation; this level includes chapter books in a variety of genres.

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Level S titles:

Cod's Tale, The Kurlansky
Dancing Home Ada
Helen Keller Her Life in Pictures Sullivan
Lizards Bishop
Louie Noland
Martin's Big Words Rappaport
Monster Hunt Arnosky
Nelson Mandela Nelson
Neo Leo Barretta
A Thousand Cranes: A Play Miller

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At this level, readers encounter a variety of nonfiction text structures; expanded vocabulary requires readers to consider both literal and connotative meaning.

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Level T titles:

Bad News for Outlaws Nelson
Bill the Boy Wonder Nobleman
Great Serum Race, The Miller
Hands Around the Library Abouraya
Ida B. Wells Myers
Jackie Robinson Robinson
Looking at Lincoln Kalman
Muscles Simon
My Librarian Is a Camel Ruurs
The Strongest Man in the World Debon

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Books cover a breadth of topics and present specific, technical information; illustrations require interpretation and connection to text; text requires readers to employ a wide range of reading strategies.

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Level U titles:

Abe's Honest Words Rappaport
Around the World Phelan
Boys Who Rocked the World McCann
Fearless Woodruffn
Ghost Hunt Dokey
I Dreamed of Flying Like a Bird Haas
Life of Rice, The Sobol
Titanic Sinks! Denenberg
Touch the Sky Irving
The Wright Brothers' First Flight: A Play de Lancie

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Texts present complex issues and use technical language; topics are distant from students' experience in terms of time and geographic area, and may include realistic historical information and more difficult themes.

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Level V titles:

Detector Dogs Stamper
The Emperor's Silent Army O'Connor
Ice! Pringle
Into the Volcano O'Meara
King George: What Was His Problem? Sheinkin
My Havana Fernandez
Rebel in a Dress: Adventurers Branzei
Dear America – Teleplay So Far From Home Binder
Thunder From the Sea Weigel
The Unexpected World of Nature Reisman

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Books present complex information requiring readers to employ a wide range of content knowledge and to understand the basic organizational structures of nonfiction; topics explore the human condition and social issues; texts vary in length; print is generally in a small font.

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Level W titles:

At Ellis Island Peacock
Baby Mammoth Mummy Frozen in Time! Buigues
Down to the Last Out Myers
Drawing from Memory Say
Freedom Heroines Wishinsky
Kubla Khan Krull
Tornado! Fradin
Walt Whitman Kerley
Who Wants Pizza? Thornhill
Wonderstruck Selznick

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Covers increasingly mature themes, and requires extensive prior knowledge; texts are designed to present a significant amount of new information.

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Level X titles:

Alexander Hamilton Fritz
A Black Hole is not a Hole DeCristofano
Case Closed? Hughes
Fort Mose Turner
Great Depression McDaniel
The Hidden Girl Kaufman
Lincoln Through the Lens Sandler
The Lions of Little Rock Levine
The Twilight Zone – Graphic Odyssey of Flight 33 Kneece
UFOs Grace

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Books feature similar themes to previous levels, with more explicit detail; requires critical reading skills to evaluate the quality and objectivity of the text.

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Level Y titles:

10 Days Abraham Lincoln David
Assassin Myers
Courage Has No Color Stone
Everything Ancient Egypt Boyer
Gettysburg Butzer
How They Croaked Bragg
Our Town Wilder
We've Got a Job Levinson
Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? Fies
World War II Rosenberg

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A challenge for more widely-read students requiring critical reading skills; topics include controversial social and political issues; readers experience complex examples of nonfiction organizational structure.

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Level Z titles:

Ancient Rome Benoit
Catching Fire Collins
Dark Game, The Janeczko
Ghosts in the Fog Seiple
Joseph Stalin McCollum
Graphic Monsters are Due on Maple Street, The Kneece
Mysterious Messages Blackwood
Teens at War Zullo
Thoreau at Walden Porcellino
Unraveling Freedom Bausum

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