Flexible, ID can be used as a stand-alone course or as a supplement to a core curriculum, in either whole-class or small-group settings.

ID in Class

Options for Implementing ID

  • Stand-alone course: Use ID as the ramp-up to or culmination of a formal ELA program.

    • Lessons can be taught in 60-minute blocks over four to eight weeks

    • As students build textual lineages and develop as writers, they will engage with curriculum literature more deeply and better grasp thematic connections

  • Ongoing curriculum enhancement: Use ID for two to four weeks at the end of each semester.

    • Contemporary literature provides access to diverse perspectives

    • Program books expand students’ awareness of the world and life experiences of others

  • Supplemental support for struggling readers: ID’s lesson structure provides teachers with a consistent instructional plan.

    • Shared reading of the anthology can lead to Raw Writes and engaging discussions

    • With 20-minute instructional blocks, students can actively participate in purposeful writing and learning

  • Extended-day or summer school sessions: Use ID as a stand-alone language arts program in alternative settings.

    • Short anthology texts and writing options motivate students

    • Tailor ID to address specific enrichment or intervention goals

More than half of our students in grade 10 were reading below grade level, and many were two or more years below grade expectancy. Using Dr. Tatum’s ID program, teachers were able to successfully connect with students that had taken intensive reading courses year after year with limited success. After two years of implementation in a high school that had received a state ranking of F, students were fully re-engaged with reading and the high school received a grade of A.

— Jacqueline Bowen

Former Director of Secondary Programs, Duval Public Schools, Duval County, FL

Teaching ID

Lessons in ID can be taught in sessions of 20, 40 or 60 minutes, as detailed in the graphic. If used as a stand-alone course, ID’s 16 lessons can be completed in one school year. The number of weeks it will take to complete the program will vary depending on how ID is implemented and the session length used.

Sample Lesson


View Slide Show

The slide show is a visual tutorial, meant to stimulate reaction and discussion as well as to give students information they can use in both their discussions and their writing.


Read Anthology

The slide show is followed by a thematically linked selection from the ID Anthology, to be read aloud to the whole group.


Engage in Writing

Students now go deeper into writing after selecting one of three writing options:

• Writing related to the ID Anthology selection

• Writing based on research into the slide show topic

• Writing to refine an earlier piece


Explore Extensions

The final phase of each lesson extends the inquiry by connecting students’ work to other, longer literature. These extension readings help students continue to build or reconnect with their textual lineages.

Recommended Implementation Plans