Use ID to its greatest instructional advantage with strategies and support from ID implementation training and ID Literacy Leaders Institute seminars.

Strategies for Effective
Program Implementation

ID Training

  • Foundational Implementation Training includes:
    • Review lesson platforms and inquiries

    • Experience a student lesson using program materials

    • Explore teacher materials that support instruction

    • Learn how to create a climate that facilitates critical reading and writing

  • In-Class Coaching
  • Follow-Up Implementation Training

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Professional Development Workshops

Scholastic’s workshops enhance understanding of research-based instructional strategies and topics.
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Strategies for Building
Strong Literacy Communities

The ID Literacy Leaders Institutes are intensive seminars that equip educators and administrators to become intellectual development leaders in their classrooms, schools and districts. The seminars help participants build and nurture strong literacy communities that advance students’ reading, writing, and intellectual development. A model of student-centered learning, the ID Literacy Institutes empower participants to:

  • Consider innovative and pragmatic ways to build knowledge and skills in implementing standards-aligned writing initiatives
  • Experience writing as a social process
  • Learn in a safe and supportive environment for exploring new topics and taking risks
  • Develop and use strategies for nurturing literacy communities