How are your students preparing for the 21st century?

The Common Core State Standards initiative stresses that reading and comprehending a range of increasingly more complex texts prepare students for the text demand they will face in our growingly more complex world.

Scholastic Reading Counts! is a perfect tool for improving students’ reading trajectory toward the College and Career Readiness skills they will need to stay competitive in the 21st century.

How does Scholastic Reading Counts! help?

  • SRC! is the only Lexile-based independent reading program that reports growth on text measures, not points alone.
  • SRC! tests for general reading comprehension and provides an immediate snapshot if students can succeed with more difficult text.
  • SRC! lets teachers see if students are transferring instructional reading strategies for hard texts through their success with independent reading.
  • SRC! provides quizzes to support a mix of 40% informational text and 60% literature selections.
  • SRC! can be customized to meet more rigorous expectations for individual students or for groups of students.

When we think about College and Career Readiness, we think about how we can foster students’ ability to unlock meaning of difficult text independently. That is what SRC! was designed to do!