Learn About Scholastic Achievement Manager

Scholastic Reading Counts! provides continuous assessment and immediate feedback using Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM), the powerful data-management software that is embedded as part of the SRC! program. These easy-to-generate, up-to-the-minute, data-driven reports help inform and differentiate instruction when a student is struggling and needs intervention. These reports show student growth over time.


  • Show Student Growth over Time: Actionable district wide and school wide reports give valuable snapshots of student performance and program usage.
  • Manage Student Data: Administrators can aggregate performance data and disaggregate it filtered by grade, group, demographic indicators and other custom criteria.
  • Assess Skills and Track Progress by District, School, Class, Group, and Student: SAM automatically monitors students' performance and their progress toward goals. Reports help you identify groups that need intervention and groups that are doing well in the program.


  • Match Lexile®-Leveled Books to Students' Reading Levels: You can easily search the entire SRC! database to identify books that fit your students' and curriculum needs.
  • Improve student reading trajectory: As students are supported to read increasingly more complex text to stretch their reading proficiency for College and Career Readiness, SRC provide data on how well student are reading harder text independently. SRC! lets teachers see if instructional strategies are working.
  • Motivate Students to Read: Encourage students to select topics of interest, generate their own reading lists, and check their progress after taking quizzes.
  • Monitor Student Progress and Inform Instruction: Educators can generate customizable reports that detail student achievement levels and progress toward reading goals, and use the data to differentiate instruction for readers of all ability levels.
  • Engage Parents With Customized Progress Letters: Keep parents informed of their children's participation in the program throughout the year with letters that provide the most up-to-date data on their child's reading progress.


  • Receive Recommended Reading Lists: Students can always update their interests and receive new reading suggestions that are appropriate to their grade and their reading level.
  • Conference With Their Teachers: Teachers can generate immediate reports to help guide students to take responsibility for their independent reading effort. With measurable, concrete goals, students develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Share Their Success: With teacher generate school-to-home letters in English and Spanish, students share the news of their reading success with parents and caregivers.