Scholastic Leveled Bookroom offers an affordable and effective way to help all students become strategic, independent readers who love to read.

Scholastic Leveled Bookroom 4.0 is a complete resource designed to provide the whole school with engaging content and quality instruction. Each Bookroom can be customized to meet your needs, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call.

Grades K-3 GR Levels A-Q, DRA A-40 Grades 4-6 GR Levels M-Z, DRA 20-70 Grades K-6 GR Levels A-Z, DRA A-70
Book Titles (6 copies each) 680 560 1,040
Total Books 4,080 3,360 6,240
Guided Reading Short Reads (6 copies each, housed in 1 folder) 85 70 130
Professional Bookshelf Check Check Check
Professional Webinar Check Check
Onsite Full Day Training Check
Teaching Cards for every title in print & digital Check Check Check
Next Step Guided Reading Assessment Kit Check Check Check
Implementation Guides Check Check Check
Pre-packaged books and bags by level in magazine-style slipcases Check Check Check
Accelerator Access Check Check Check
Purchase Package Purchase Package Purchase Package
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