New books and Short Reads. New digital resources. New packaging. Revised and Expanded teaching materials.

Each Leveled Bookroom 4.0 includes:

  • Over 6,200 texts
  • 240 books per level (40 titles, 6 copies each) 
  • 60 New Short Reads per level (5 cards, 6 copies each)
  • 24/7 digital access with the Leveled Bookroom 4.0 Accelerator
  • New professional books and services
  • New innovative packaging
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The Leveled Bookroom 4.0 Accelerator

Accelerate your guided reading instruction with this new digital management tool. Get access to instructional materials 24/7, and take advantage of Scholastic’s unprecedented collection of professional learning resources.

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Revised & Expanded Teacher Materials in Print & Digital including:

All-New Short Reads

An easy and effective way to bring close reading to your Guided Reading instruction through short, engaging texts. Move students through increasingly complex text that is worthy of being read, reread, and analyzed. Encourage oral language development through discussions that concentrate on revisiting the text.

The All-New Leveled Bookroom 4.0 is truly of one a kind.

No other bookroom combines the same acclaimed, authentic books that stimulate student interest and world-class instructional materials that assure teaching success.

Only Scholastic Leveled Bookroom 4.0 gives you a complete, end-to-end solution, including easy setup, best-in-class professional learning materials, picture books, chapter books and short texts, custom options, digital management tools, and much more! Now it’s easier than ever to set your students on the path to a lifelong love of reading.

Innovative, New Packaging

Get your bookroom set up in no time, with our innovative, new Leveled Bookroom 4.0 packaging. 

All books arrive in sturdy plastic bags with teaching cards all placed in a magazine style slipcase. Just open the box, fill your shelves, and get started. 

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