A tradition of great books, now a new approach to PreK-6 Literacy Instruction

Scholastic Literacy

A New Comprehensive Balanced Literacy Curriculum

Literacy Instruction

A balanced literacy program for PreK-6 featuring instructional materials, authentic texts, data and reports, digital resources, and more to support the literacy development of every child in your classroom.

Professional Learning

Onsite workshops, instructional coaching, and embedded professional learning help educators leverage literacy expertise with effective tools to ensure that students achieve their academic goals.

Family Engagement

A unique opportunity with Scholastic that builds the capacity of school staff to work with families to support the whole child, in school and out of school, all day and all year.

Where It All Comes Together

Scholastic Literacy Classroom

Modular and Flexible:
Adapted to your classroom needs.

Whole-Group, Small-Group, and Independent Learning modules can be seamlessly integrated into existing frameworks with both literacy blocks of varied lengths and year-round instruction.

Whole Group

Interactive Read-Alouds, Shared Reading Mentor Texts, Micro Lessons

Throughout each week of instruction, teachers will first engage students with a read-aloud of a short text, then apply the same skills across a longer text. Micro-lessons incorporate phonics, comprehension, writing, and grammar, while graphic organizers connected to specific standards allow teachers to measure students’ level of understanding.

Small Group

Guided Reading, Small-Group Instruction

Scholastic Literacy delivers high-quality texts and instruction to effectively meet the needs of all students. Proven assessment tools provide educators with the data they need to inform responsive instruction.

Independent Learning

Access to Authentic and Culturally Relevant Books

Our classroom library for independent reading is a 50-book collection that fosters social-emotional learning, independence, empathy, and civic engagement.

Scholastic Literacy Digital Suite

With personalized and highly adaptive learning tools, students engage in purposeful reading and educators are equipped with robust data to inform instruction. Through motivating activities steeped in research from experts on vocabulary acquisition and early literacy, our digital programs will ensure that students develop the confidence to read independently.

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