BrainStorm is a program that pairs mentors—teens or adults from the community—with young readers in an effort to strengthen a child's reading comprehension, decoding, and critical-thinking skills. Mentoring pairs meet for approximately one hour per week for up to 30 weeks. During the sessions, trained mentors utilize structured guides with teaching prompts that align with a student magazine to implement a fun, skill-building literacy lesson.

With BrainStorm’s resources, community organizations can:

Recruit mentors of all ages and backgrounds who are eager to build strong relationships by reading and spending time with young readers

Train high school students and adults on how to effectively structure mentoring sessions, implement the curriculum, and build relationships with their mentees

Mentor effectively in simple, 30–40 minute sessions with before-, during-, and after-reading activities that include engaging prompts for students and promote meaningful interactions.

What it Includes

  • Step-by-step Mentor Guides
  • High-interest student magazines
  • 30 one-hour lessons
  • Fiction and nonfiction books
  • Implementation Guide

There are currently 18 million children in the United States who want and need a mentor, but only three million have one.

-MENTOR Fact Sheet, 2012