MATH 180 includes a comprehensive suite of high-quality assessment tools and reports to monitor progress and differentiate

    • SMI College & Career—Universal Screener & Progress Monitor

      SMI College & Career is a research-based computer adaptive assessment that measures understanding on the Quantile Framework™ for Mathematics. SMI College & Career serves as an independent progress monitor that tracks students’ progress over the course of instruction. MATH 180 students will take SMI 3-5 times during the year. Results will be shared on both the Student & Teacher Dashboards.

    • mSkills

      The mSkills tests assess for mastery of skills and concepts taught during whole-class and group instruction. The results are valuable for determining mastery of understanding, fluency, and problem-solving skills covered in group instruction and the mSpace. Designed with Next Generation Assessment items and tasks, the mSkills assessment is administered at the end of each block of group instruction.

    • Mindset Scan

      Designed by leading motivation expert Dr. Carol Dweck's Mindset Works™ organization, MATH 180 includes attitudinal assessments that monitor shifts in students' mindsets about mathematics and their own abilities. Students take their first Mindset Scans during the first week of instruction and after they complete each block.

    • Ongoing Formative Assessment in the Student Software

      The power of the MATH 180 technology lies in its abilities to assess student knowledge and respond to individual student differences. Fast Tracks determine whether students require instruction or can accelerate through a lesson. Once engaged in a lesson, the student software is constantly monitoring performance with a multitude of activities, adjusting instruction and practice accordingly.

    • The Brain Arcade-Personalized Playlist of Smart Games

      Customized to each student's needs, the Brain Arcade provides a personalized playlist of games that build both computational and strategy fluency. The Brain Arcade is the destination for meeting the fluency standards in the Common Core by offering adaptive practice with facts, multi-digit operations, inverse relationships, unknowns, properties of numbers, and more.

    • Progress Through Gamification

      Using the latest gaming education research, the Brain Arcade provides students with unique learning environments and choice of games to play. Games increase in difficulty level as students demonstrate mastery and unlock new levels and chapters.