Teaching Guides

The Teaching Guides provide daily step-by-step instruction to develop understanding through discussion and step-by-step problem solving. Each group instruction lesson begins with teachers modeling a worked example, then students are gradually released to work in pairs, and then independently.

As you flip through the Course I and Course II Teaching Guide Volume 1, look for:

  • Embedded Professional Learning from Math Solutions that supports teachers by unpacking the progression to algebra and highlighting the reasoning behind the MATH 180 instructional strategy
  • High Leverage Practices, adapted from Dr. Deborah Ball's TeachingWorks, that allow teachers to refine their practices for recognizing common patterns in students' thinking, leading a whole-class discussion, and assessing students' learning
  • Classroom Routines that foster communication and mathematical thinking
  • Connections to mathematical practices, as well as links to grade-level standards.


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