Program Components

MATH 180 is a comprehensive system of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development designed to equip older struggling students with the knowledge, reasoning, and confidence to thrive in algebra.

For Students

    • Student Dashboard

      Student Dashboard

    • Badges


    • Progress


    • What Motivates Students to Learn?

      Will math instruction ever be able to compete with middle school students' favorite social media and gaming sites?

      MATH 180’s personalized learning was designed with kids in mind. Similar to their favorite gaming and networking sites, the Student Dashboard displays students’ recent achievements and updates and provides access to the zones of instruction. It’s an experience that’s engaging and inherently motivating.

    • A Future Full of Badges

      Success is an experience unparalleled in its ability to motivate. Students who are intrinsically motivated are ultimately driven by their own success; it makes students feel good and want to achieve more. In MATH 180, students can collect more than 80 badges tied to effort, mastery, and perseverance.

    • Data for Ownership & Accountability

      How can we get students to take an active role in their own learning?

      The Student Dashboard supports students in building executive function skills and taking ownership of their learning. The ability to witness ongoing improvements drives students to persevere and continue to challenge themselves.

    • Explore Zone

      Explore Zone

    • Explore Zone

      Explore Zone

    • Learn Zone

      Learn Zone

    • Learn Zone

      Learn Zone

    • Reward Success, Stretch Students Further

      Success Zone

    • Brain Arcade

      Brain Arcade

    • Situate Learning With Anchor Videos

      How do we re-engage students in the math classroom with relevant and purposeful content?

      The Explore Zone introduces mathematical concepts through the lens of problem solving with relevant and compelling anchor videos.


    • Promote Resilience With Interactive Simulations

      Simulations transform traditional word problems into interactive, engaging, problem-solving situations. Dynamic and realistic challenges facilitate critical thinking and decision making and promote perseverance with problem solving.


    • Build Understanding With Instructional Videos

      How can we ensure all students achieve mastery with the skills on the progression to algebra?

      In the Learn Zone, students are presented with direct instruction videos and adaptive practice content focused on the progression to algebra.


    • Develop Mastery With Adaptive Practice

      In the Learn Zone, students are gradually released from guided to independent practice with interactive visual models, a metacognitive coach, and corrective feedback. Students demonstrate mastery at their own pace with varying levels of scaffolding to foster independent success.

    • Reward Success, Stretch Students Further

      Built as a game board with choice, the Success Zone is where students go to apply what they’ve learned to more difficult tasks. Success Zone problems are designed around the items students will encounter on assessments, so
      MATH 180 is giving them critical practice in a rewarding, fun space.


    • Build Fluency With a Personalized Playlist of Games

      Is it a problem if students get addicted to learning? Customized to the needs of each student, the Brain Arcade creates a personalized playlist of games that build strategic and computational fluency. The Brain Arcade promotes agency by providing students with choice over the games they play. Available anywhere, anytime, the Brain Arcade makes math fun and rewarding in and outside of the classroom.


    • Student mSpace

      Student mSpace

    • Student mSpace

      Student mSpace

    • Student mSpace

      Student mSpace

    • Games Lesson

      Student mSpace

    • A Place for Students to Record Their Thinking

      Imagine a math text that is less of a place for students to rest their heads and more of a place to inspire their minds!

      The mSpace is designed to promote students’ active participation by providing a place to record and share their work, thoughts, and mathematical understandings.
      > Download Sample (PDF)

    • Formative Assessment Built Into Every Lesson

      Do you ever question whether your students really understood the lesson?

      Exit Tickets are a quick way for teachers to gather data in real time and see which of their students have mastered the concept and which will require additional instruction.
      > Download Sample (PDF)

    • Ready for the
      Next Generation Assessments?

      MATH 180 provides rich problem-solving lessons and performance tasks to help students gain extensive practice with rigorous assessment tasks. MATH 180 utilizes the proven Singaporean bar model approach to problem solving. Using the bar model, students learn to translate information and relationships using visual representations.
      > Download Sample (PDF)

    • Paired Games Build Strategic Reasoning, Communication & Fluency

      How can students use mathematical language and develop strategic reasoning while practicing a new skill? MATH 180 maximizes instructional time by offering game-day lessons where students play engaging and challenging partnered games that help develop critical mathematical practices.
      > Download Sample (PDF)

For Teachers

    • Teacher Dashboard

      Teacher Dashboard

    • Digital Lessons

      Digital Lessons

    • Professional Learning

      Professional Learning

    • Progress Analytics

      Progress Analytics

    • The Groupinator

      The Groupinator

    • Scholastic Central— Comprehensive, Cohesive & Convenient

      How can we empower teachers with the tools they need to be at the forefront of instruction?

      Scholastic Central is a digital platform that leverages the power of technology to support teaching with smart data, powerful tools for differentiated instruction, and resources that are comprehensive, cohesive, and convenient. With anytime, anywhere access, teachers receive everything they need to be effective.

    • Lesson Planning Made Simple

      MATH 180 teachers can now prepare for every lesson with three easy steps. Prep with links to the standards, materials for review, instructional videos, and key vocabulary. Plan with step-by-step directions that model reasoning and embedded High Leverage Teaching Practices to elicit student thinking and address common errors. Teach, using interactive whiteboard technology.


    • Embedded Professional Learning Powered by Math Solutions

      Have you ever wished for an expert math coach to walk you through new instructional content?

      Every MATH 180 topic features professional learning from Math Solutions—America’s leading math professional development company. The interactive space highlights the reasoning behind the MATH 180 strategy, provides videos from Math Solutions instructors, unpacks the learning progressions, and allows teachers to practice using the new interactive visual models, games, and more.

    • Unparalleled Access to Data

      Feeling like Goldilocks when it comes to data—one minute there’s too little, the next you’re bogged down by endless paper reports and spreadsheets?

      MATH 180 is smart about data—serving just the right amount of data in a digestible fashion. Access to class and student analytics drives instruction in a way that saves time and yields optimal results. Interactive reporting offers teachers the ability to drill down in real-time to monitor student performance, provide differentiation, and track progress toward mastery of critical concepts and skills.

    • The Groupinator® Teachers Know & Love

      How can teachers take the guesswork out of differentiated instruction?

      The Groupinator analyzes students’ software performance to help group students by their individual needs and provide the appropriate targeted instruction.

    • Teaching Guide

      Teaching Guide

    • Resources for Differentiated Instruction & Problem Solving (RDI)

      Resources for Differentiated Instruction
      & Problem Solving (RDI)

    • Teaching Space

      Interactive Whiteboard Technology

    • Lessons That Model Reason & Thinking

      The Teaching Guide, the cornerstone of MATH 180 group instruction, provides daily step-by-step instruction to develop understanding through discussion and problem solving. Lessons model the mathematical thinking and reasoning needed to develop critical mathematical practices.
      > Download Sample (PDF)

    • Differentiation With Problem Solving & Algebraic Thinking

      Who said differentiated instruction means reteaching and review?

      The RDI guide provides teachers with the support needed to remediate and accelerate student learning by teaching key concepts through an alternative lens of problem solving and algebraic thinking. Lessons from the RDI are delivered via the Groupinator® to target the needs of students who are ready for a challenge and students who need more support.
      > Download Sample (PDF)

    • Interactive Whiteboard Technology to Facilitate Group Instruction

      Utilize Your Whiteboard Like Never Before.

      For whole class and group instruction, MATH 180 offers dynamic whiteboard technology that present lessons with embedded instructional videos, interactive visual models, vocabulary instruction, student mSpace pages, and more. This enables teachers to focus on instruction and classroom management, not logistics.

    • Robust Assessment Suite

      Robust Assessment Suite

    • Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI)

      Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI)

    • mSkills


    • Brain Scan Assessment

      Brain Scan Assessment

    • Performance Task

      Performance Task

    • MATH 180 Student Software

      MATH 180 Student Software

    • How Do We Paint a
      360° Picture of Every Student?

      MATH 180 includes a comprehensive, robust suite of high-quality assessment tools and reports to monitor progress and differentiate instruction.

    • Universal Screener & Progress Monitor

      Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI) is a research-based computer adaptive assessment that measures understanding on the Quantile Framework® for Mathematics*. Aligned to the rigorous new standards, SMI serves as an independent progress monitor that tracks students’ progress over the course of instruction.

      *QUANTILE FRAMEWORK is a registered trademark of MetaMetrics, Inc.

    • Curriculum-Embedded Assessment

      The mSkills tests assess for mastery of key, standards-aligned skills and concepts taught during whole-class and group instruction. The results are valuable for determining mastery of understanding, fluency, and problem-solving skills covered in the mSpace and, therefore, can be crucial in guiding differentiation and instruction.

    • Brain Scan Evaluation from Mindset Works

      Designed by Carol Dweck’s Mindset Works organization, MATH 180 features attitude assessments that monitor shifts in students’ mindset about mathematics and their own abilities over the course of the program.

    • Performance Task

      Rich problem-solving lessons and sample performance tasks are scaffolded throughout each block to help struggling students gain extensive practice with rigorous performance tasks. The performance tasks embedded into MATH 180 require reasoning, collaboration, mathematical expertise, and writing.
      > Download Sample (PDF)

    • Ongoing Diagnostic & Formative Assessment

      The power of the MATH 180 technology lies in its abilities to assess student knowledge and respond to individual student differences. Fast Tracks determine whether students require instruction or can accelerate through a topic. Once engaged in a topic, the Student Software is constantly monitoring performance in a multitude of activities and adjusting instruction and practice accordingly.

    • Scholastic Central

      Scholastic Central

    • Getting Started Guide

      Getting Started Guide

    • Professional Learning Guide

      Professional Learning Guide

    • Start-Up Training by Math Solutions

      Start-Up Training by Math Solutions

    • Professional Coaching & Foundational Courses

      Professional Coaching & Foundational Courses

    • Embedded Professional Learning Powered by Math Solutions

      Have you ever wished for an expert math coach to walk you through new instructional content?

      Every MATH 180 topic features professional learning from Math Solutions—America’s leading math professional development company. The interactive space highlights the reasoning behind the MATH 180 strategy, provides videos from Math Solutions instructors, unpacks the learning progressions, and allows teachers to practice using the new interactive visual models, games, and more.

    • Your First Two Weeks With MATH 180

      Learning a new program can be intimidating, but the Getting Started Guide provides teachers with scaffolded support to successfully implement their first two weeks of instruction. Lessons focus on introducing classroom routines and building a growth mindset and classroom community.

    • Teaching & Assessing With MATH 180

      The Professional Learning Guide is an overview of the entire MATH 180 program—underscoring how the program embodies research–based educational shifts driven by technology and an understanding of the foundation needed for college and career readiness.

    • Helping Teachers & Leaders Effectively Implement MATH 180

      Every MATH 180 implementation includes a two-day,
      in-person Implementation training delivered by
      Math Solutions. The training introduces teachers to the program materials and software while guiding them through the content and instructional strategies. A half-day Leadership Training is also provided to help educators support teachers and MATH 180 implementations.

    • Partnering With Your Teachers & Schools for Continued Success

      Individualized in-classroom teacher coaching services are available to support ongoing classroom management, program monitoring, and data-driven instruction. Services may include, observing and modeling lessons, offering feedback and demonstrating best practices, and reviewing teaching strategies. A wide range of Foundational Courses are available that cover everything from foundations of mathematics to college and career readiness.