An Affordable and Quick System Designed to Jumpstart Instruction Immediately

Next Step Guided Reading Assessment guides teachers to make data-driven instructional decisions that harness the power of guided reading to move students toward increasingly complex texts.


Next Step Guided Reading Assessment is an all-in-one product that simplifies and clarifies the complex process of assessing and teaching reading. Rosanne L. Kurstedt, Ph.D.
Educational consultant and staff developer
Westfield, NJ

Next step Guided Reading Assessment pages

Welcome to the Next Step Guided Reading Assessment e-sampler, where you can explore the components of the first guided reading system designed from the ground up to meet today's rigorous standards. Master teachers Jan Richardson, Ph.D. and Maria Walther Ed.D. developed this simple, yet powerful assessment to help teachers:

  • Get to Know Students as Readers
  • Connect Assessment Data to Reading Instruction
  • Plan and Teach Guided Reading Lessons