For Grades 3–6

The 3–6 kit includes 32 assessment texts, Teacher's Guide, Assessment Conference Book, Reproducible Assessment Forms Book and CD, and a sturdy organization box.

  • 32 Assessment Text Cards
    (double-sided) for Levels K–Z

    Includes high-interest, literary and informational texts for each guided reading level.

    View a complete leveled-list of the K–2 titles

    Read now Sample Text Card
    32 2-page text cards Levels A-N
  • Teacher's Guide

    Step-by-step directions for administering and scoring each assessment, along with planning tools and lesson plans for each stage of reading development.

    See Lesson Plan 200+ page Teacher's Guide
    Assessment Forms Book and CD

    All the forms you need to administer the four assessment steps. Ready to reproduce or print.

    See Sample Teacher Forms
    See Sample Student Forms Guided Reading Assessment
  • Assessment Conference Book

    A handy resource with Quick Reference Guides for administering and scoring Reading Records.

    Guided Reading Assessment
    Organization Box

    A handy resource book with Quick Reference Guides assists with administering and scoring Reading Records.

    Sturdy storage box hangling folders for each level

For Next Step Guided Reading Assessment users

Online resources for Next Step Guided Reading Assessment can now be accessed through the Scholastic Digital Manager.

Next step Guided Reading Assessment pages

Welcome to the Next Step Guided Reading Assessment e-sampler, where you can explore the components of the first guided reading system designed from the ground up to meet today's rigorous standards. Master teachers Jan Richardson, Ph.D. and Maria Walther Ed.D. developed this simple, yet powerful assessment to help teachers:

  • Get to Know Students as Readers
  • Connect Assessment Data to Reading Instruction
  • Plan and Teach Guided Reading Lessons