Online Data Management

An online system that offers more than just record-keeping! The online assessment tool can also be used on an desktop, iPad, and laptop.

  • Next Step Online helps teachers get exactly the data they need right away. Teachers can easily enter data in a few clicks. Then they can navigate to student-level or class-level reports showing student performance, quickly identifying struggling students and advanced students who need more challenge.
  • Next Step Online makes teaching more efficient and effective. Teachers can promptly use the assessment outcomes to select appropriate lesson plans for specific reading stages, then print them as needed for a new group or for the following year.
  • Brief Getting Started and Model Lesson clips offer instant professional development from the authors.

A Streamlined Digital Tool to Organize Student Data Quickly on Your Computer or Tablet

For Next Step Guided Reading Assessment users

Online resources for Next Step Guided Reading Assessment can now be accessed through the Scholastic Digital Manager.

Next step Guided Reading Assessment pages

Welcome to the Next Step Guided Reading Assessment e-sampler, where you can explore the components of the first guided reading system designed from the ground up to meet today’s rigorous standards. Master teachers Jan Richardson, Ph.D. and Maria Walther Ed.D. developed this simple, yet powerful assessment to help teachers:

  • Get to Know Students as Readers
  • Connect Assessment Data to Reading Instruction
  • Plan and Teach Guided Reading Lessons