The Marilyn Burns Classroom Math Library

Teacher’s Handbook: Sample Lesson for Amanda Bean’s Amazing Dream

Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream

Each Lesson includes the following sections:

Math Standard
Each lesson aligns with one of more of the national standards for mathematics.

Math Topic
Each library addresses 12 to 18 grade-level-appropriate math topics. (Some books cover multiple topics.)

Connecting to Your Curriculum
Elaborates on the math topic addressed, showing how it connects to the math curriculum.

About the Book
Provides a quick summary of the featured children’s book.

The Lesson Summary
Gives a general overview of the lesson and the topic(s) it will cover.

The Lesson
Detailed instructions guide teachers through each step of the lesson, including read-aloud strategies, the teaching of mathematical skills and concepts, vocabulary reinforcement, and critical thinking skills.

Follow Up
Extends the lesson with enrichment activities, hands-on experiences, problem-solving activities, and individual and small-group learning exercises.

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