Pwerful Vocabulary for Reading Success

First Vocabulary Program Developed Since NCLB
Also from Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri! The Vocabulary-Enriched Classroom offers cutting edge word-learning strategies for all students!
Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri Present: Build Successful Readers With Research-Based Vocabulary Strategies Using Children´┐Żs Literature

Program Authors

Cathy Collins Block   Cathy Collins Block, Ph.D.

Dr. Block, co-author of Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success has been on the Graduate Faculty of Texas Christian University since 1977. She is the author of several books and has written more than 90 articles for professional journals. Dr. Block serves on standing committees for the American Educational Research Association, International Reading Association, National Council for Excellence in Thinking Instruction, and National Reading Conference.

Cathy Collins Block   John N. Mangieri, Ph.D.

Dr. Mangieri, a Fulbright Scholar and co-author of Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success, presently serves as the Director of the Institute for Literary Enhancement. He is the author/co-author of 87 professional articles and books. He has served as the Chairman of the Reading Department at the University of South Carolina and as Dean of the School of Education at the Texas Christian University.