Pwerful Vocabulary for Reading Success

First Vocabulary Program Developed Since NCLB
Also from Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri! The Vocabulary-Enriched Classroom offers cutting edge word-learning strategies for all students!
Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri Present: Build Successful Readers With Research-Based Vocabulary Strategies Using Children´┐Żs Literature

Student Materials: Content Words
Provides strategies students can use to learn the wide range of content-area words that they will read in content-area classes and in reading outside of school. Introduces the word-learning principle that content area words have special features. For example, they are usually longer than high-frequency words. Students also learn the vocabulary-building strategy that you can determine the meanings of content-area words by thinking about the topic and the relationship of the unknown word to that topic.

All of the vocabulary words to learn are science words. They are connected to the topic of space.
Students learn an important principle about words they encounter in the content area.
Students learn to make connections between the big idea or subject they are reading about and the unknown word to determine its meaning.
All words appear in boldface in context in the type of material students might read in that content area.
Charts and diagrams further enrich students' understanding of content-area words.
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