Pwerful Vocabulary for Reading Success

First Vocabulary Program Developed Since NCLB
Also from Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri! The Vocabulary-Enriched Classroom offers cutting edge word-learning strategies for all students!
Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri Present: Build Successful Readers With Research-Based Vocabulary Strategies Using Children´┐Żs Literature

Student Materials: Key Features
Words in Context:
Every lesson provides all the vocabulary words in the context of a high-interest nonfiction or fiction selection. This allows you to encourage students to use the Word-Learning Principle and Vocabulary Building Strategy to determine the meaning of the vocabulary words, while you guide them and record their thinking on a transparency. The steps to do so are described in the Teacher's Edition.

Be a Word Architect:
Featured in Words and Their Parts, this special section called “Be a Word Architect” provides you with the opportunity to show students how words are built and have them use the parts of a word (prefixes, suffixes, roots, etc.) to determine the word’s meaning.

Connect Words and Meanings:
Every lesson provides the definitions of the vocabulary words in an interactive format. This helps you to make mastery of these definitions an active learning opportunity, since students have to choose the meanings that match the words.

Purposeful Activities:
Engaging activities help students deepen their knowledge of the meanings of the vocabulary words by using these words in meaningful ways. Students connect the vocabulary words to their own lives and experiences and apply them to meaningful situations. As they interact with the vocabulary words, they make inferences about each word’s meaning and explain their reasoning.

Review and Extend Activities:
These activities provide an opportunity for students to review what they have learned and to extend their understanding. The activities expand students’ knowledge because they teach related language concepts or related words. They deepen students’ understanding of the lessons words and they broaden their acquisition of similar words.

Independent Activities:
Activities at the bottom of workbook pages invite students to use the vocabulary words independently in a variety of contexts. These activities help students move beyond definitions as they process meanings and interact with the words.

Check Your Mastery:
Check students’ word mastery at the end of each lesson through a short test. This assessment provides practice using a variety of standardized test formats and includes self-assessment.