Pwerful Vocabulary for Reading Success

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Also from Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri! The Vocabulary-Enriched Classroom offers cutting edge word-learning strategies for all students!
Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri Present: Build Successful Readers With Research-Based Vocabulary Strategies Using Children´┐Żs Literature

Student Materials: Words & Their Parts
Stresses the importance of word parts in determining a word’s meaning. Coupled with this word learning principle is the vocabulary-building strategy of adding the distinct meanings of individual word parts together to determine a larger word’s meaning.

All of the vocabulary words to learn in this lesson have the same targeted word parts—in this case, prefixes.
Students learn what prefixes are and an important principle that will help them learn new words with these prefixes.
Students learn to use their knowledge of prefixes to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.
Students sort vocabulary words to place them on the correct branch of the graphic organizer prefix tree.
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