Pwerful Vocabulary for Reading Success

First Vocabulary Program Developed Since NCLB
Also from Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri! The Vocabulary-Enriched Classroom offers cutting edge word-learning strategies for all students!
Cathy Collins Block and John Mangieri Present: Build Successful Readers With Research-Based Vocabulary Strategies Using Children´┐Żs Literature

Teacher Materials: Key Features
For every lesson, the Teacher’s Edition provides a number of features that enable you to best utilize the lessons taught and to engage the students’ interest in learning. Among the features are:
Mystery Word of the Week, an introductory activity promoting a positive attitude toward vocabulary learning and Think Alouds, which allow you to model thinking strategies to determine the meaning of words, and Tests, including both objective tests that measure students’ grasp of the lesson’s content and students’ self-assessment through a variety of journal-writing prompts.