Range & Quality of Texts

In READ 180, students engage with and evaluate texts across a range of types and disciplines–with a strong emphasis on informational text–and consider multiple perspectives that represent a variety of periods, cultures, and viewpoints.

  • Instructional Technology: Topic Software

    Engaging Topic Software, with high-interest videos, builds background to help students form mental models. The Topic Software provides personalized reading instruction and practice to address each student’s needs.

  • Small-Group Instruction: rBook

    The rBook is the cornerstone of READ 180 instruction, providing a clear path for daily instruction that focuses learning on science, social studies, literature, and life skills.

  • Modeled & Independent Reading: Paperback & eBook Library

    In READ 180, students are exposed to a range of challenging, high-quality informational and literary texts that span genres, cultures, and eras.

Building Capacity of Teachers & Leaders

The Teacher Dashboard helps build capacity of effective teachers. Anytime/anywhere access to the most important implementation and student performance data enables all teachers to use data to drive instruction. State-of-the-art planning tools ensure teachers will spend less time planning and more time building relationships.

A Roadmap to Whole- and Small-Group Instruction

The Next Generation rBook is the cornerstone of READ 180 instruction, providing a clear instructional path for teachers to use in Whole- and Small-Group Instruction. Checkpoints for differentiation help teachers understand exactly when, where, how, and with whom to differentiate instruction.

Available for Stages A, B, and C, the rBook is organized around nine Workshops that provide enough content for approximately one year of instruction per stage. Each rBook Workshop includes multiple readings on the same topic to support a recursive review of academic vocabulary, build student knowledge of content areas and reinforce comprehension skills.

3 Stages of Instruction and Support See it in Action

Anchor Video

Anchor Videos introduce each rBook selection and help students build background knowledge for the Workshop theme.