Staircase of Text Complexity

Readings throughout READ 180 follow a carefully calibrated staircase of text complexity in order to challenge and accelerate students to grade-level text.

  • Small Group Instruction: rBook

    Each rBooks Workshop includes three progressively complex texts on the same topic to support recursive review of academic vocabulary, build student knowledge of the content areas, and reinforce comprehension skills.

    Stretch Texts

    Stretch Texts are a collection of grade-level complex, nonfiction texts. Accompanying instruction supports close reading, academic discussion, evidence-based writing, and preparation for the Next Generation Assessments.

  • Modeled & Independent Reading: eReads

    READ 180 eReads give students access to a range of complex, nonfiction text types in social studies, science, math and other disciplines, allowing students to build a foundation of knowledge and background that supports them across the content areas.


    READ 180 Audiobooks offer struggling readers the opportunity to develop good reading strategies and habits while enjoying authentic grade-level literature.

    Paperbacks & eBooks

    READ 180 Leveled Paperbacks and eBooks present students with choices of age-appropriate relevant books they can read with success. Each book is leveled, allowing students to read confidently according to their own independent reading abilities.