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READ 180 is the most thoroughly researched reading intervention program in the world. Hundreds of studies, peer-reviewed journals, and the federal government's What Works Clearinghouse have all documented its effectiveness on student reading achievement across multiple grade levels and student populations. The Compendium of Reseach reflects almost 15 years of efficacy and Scholastic's commitment trajectory of research and validation.

  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Other Educational Settings

number of studies by student group*

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Almost one in two studies (46%) are Independently Founded with a quarter of those studies founded by United States Department of Education.

11 studies meet

7 studies
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*The infographics on this page represent the studies included in this compendium. More results can be found online at

Number of program yearsfifteen

students impacted*-----

  • 49% Elementary School Students
  • 28% Middle School Students
  • 19% High School Students
  • 4% Other Educational Settings
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Proven Results

  • Compendium of Research

    The READ 180 Compendium of Research contains 40 studies, approximately half of which were conducted by third-party firms. These studies definitely show that READ 180 meets the literacy needs for even the most challenged readers and have been integral in informing new and better innovations within the program.

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  • Research Foundation Paper

    READ 180 is informed by an extensive body of literature about best practices for serving older struggling readers. The READ 180 Research Foundation Paper provides relevant information from the research base, and expert opinion is presented alongside descriptions of how these research foundations have been translated into the program design and curriculum.

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