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Program Overview

Ensure the right students are aligned to the right assessment

Scholastic Phonics Inventory Computer-Based Reading Assessment

A Reliable and Validated Measure of Decoding and Sight Word Reading Fluency

  • Research-based, SPI was created to assess mastery of foundational reading skills by measuring both accuracy and fluency.
  • Validated against the Test of Word Reading Fluency Efficiency (TOWRE) and the Woodcock-Johnson III, SPI is proven to provide accurate results.

Fast & Accurate

  • Hundreds of students can be tested simultaneously.
  • Results are immediately available at the individual, classroom, school, and district level.

Effective and Cost Efficient

  • A sustainable investment, SPI is a server-based program with perpetual and reusable student licenses.
  • SPI can be administered anywhere there is a computer-no need for one-to-one administration, no need for pullout.
  • Minimal expertise required to administer the SPI

Assess students in three equivalent test forms. Students' accuracy and fluency are measured in four areas of reading:

Practice Test

Practice Tests

Practice tests evaluate students' ability to use the mouse.

Letter Recognition

Letter Recognition

Letter recognition tests assess students' recognition of lower-case letters.

Sight Word Recognition

Sight Word Recognition

Sight-word recognition tests assess students' knowledge of high-frequency sight-words.

Non Word Decoding

Non-Word Recognition

Nonword decoding tests assess students' decoding skills using nonwords that follow the conventions of the English language. These words are decodable but cannot be read from memory.