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Response to Intervention Placement Recommendations

The Response to Intervention Framework (RTI) is a multi-tiered approach to teaching and learning that delivers services to promote efficient response to students’ needs. The purpose of RTI is to prevent long-term academic failure in both general education and special education settings by proactively identifying students’ needs at all levels.

Aligning to the RTI Framework, SPI supports:

  • Multi-tiered instruction and intervention with a fast and flexible assessment model
  • Scientifically-validated and research-based standards with extensive research demonstrating effectiveness.
  • Universal screening which allows educators to simultaneously assess word-reading skills for all students, and to identify students in need of explicit foundational reading instruction.
  • Progress monitoring with automatically collected data and robust reports that make clear recommendations and demonstrate student attainment of hard-to-measure foundational reading skills.
  • Customized professional development and capacity-building solutions with web-based training schedules to suit your school's needs.

How SPI and SRI Work Together to Support the RTI Framework

SPI and SRI Aligns to the Key Components of RTI

RTI RequirementsMulti-Tier Instruction and Intervention ModelsScientifically Validated and Research-BasedUniversal ScreeningProgress Monitoring ToolsCustomized Professional Development
Scholastic Assessment Alignment Accurate placement  recommendations for all tiers of RTIThird-party validation studies reveal high levels of effectiveness and reliability.Fast, accurate, and scalable  computer-based assessment for readingThree equivalent forms for SPI, and a computer-based adaptive test environment for SRI supports benchmarking needsCustomized, in-person and web-based  implementation training support capacity-building needs