The Scholastic ReadingLine Sound and Letter Kit
contains 26 alphabet books that will help you develop your students' phonemic awareness and alphabet recognition skills. The repetitive text and clever illustrations highlight critical sound-letter relationships while fostering an early love of reading.

For a complete list of titles and Sound and Letter Scope and Sequence, please download this PDF File.

Sound and Letter Kit Book Levels.


Tailor Instruction to Your Classroom
A flexible Teaching Guide contains two specially designed teaching options:

• Express Plan: 2-Day Book Plan
• Local Plan: 5-Day Skills Focus Plan

Scholastic ReadingLine Sound and Letter Kit can be
adapted to all levels of primary learning.
Use the Kit in:

• Pre-Kindergarten during Circle Time Instruction
• Kindergarten during Small-Group Instruction

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Sound and Letter Kit Includes:
• 104 Little Books
(26 titles, one for each letter of the alphabet, 4 copies each)
• Teaching Guide
• Audio CD
(covering each title in the kit)
• 4 Activity Books (1 book, 4 copies)
• Phonological Awareness Picture Cards
• Letter Cards 

• ABC Posters (2)

Sound and Letter Kit Pricing:

• Sound and Letter Kit
(All components above)
Item #EEC955013: $429.95 $386.96

• Sound and Letter Kit Introductory Library
(26 titles, 1 copy each)
Item #EEC955651: $79.95

• ReadingLine Value Pack
(Phonics Kit, Sound and Letter Kit, Vocabulary Kit)
Item #EEC955012:
$1,155.95 $1040.36