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Benefits for District Administrators

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See Sample Report

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Set up your school or district to use
Scholastic products

One step to.

  • Set up custom state, district, or local groupings for AYP reporting
  • Add a school, class, teacher
  • Import/export data
  • Manage licenses and enrollment

Managing applications

  • Set up application for entire district, school, class, or group in one step

Access reports across district to monitor
AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress)

Browse and adjust

  • View district-level reports
  • Drill-down to student reports
  • Advanced disaggregation by AYP criteria
  • Advanced filtering by AYP grouping

Use reports

  • Monitor AYP
  • Access reports in PDF format to file or share with teachers, parents, or other administrators
  • Save reports to your personal computer
  • Aggregate and disaggregate performance data to identify district needs

Get support on how and when to use reports

  • Get help on how to use the report
  • Get help on how to follow up
  • Quick access to recent reports
  • Access resources that address skills outlined in the report

View and download teaching resources
and other support materials

Finding the right resource

  • View resources available to teachers
  • Access professional development and administration resources
  • Find research papers and research tools to conduct your own effectiveness research

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