Early Childhood and Family Engagement

Early Childhood-PreK

Building a Foundation with Pre-K Literacy Skills

Explore how to build a strong literacy foundation for young children with a literacy-rich classroom that immerses children in reading, writing, and conversation every day. Participants will experience strategies to increase students’ oral language and social skills, and build phonemic awareness and vocabulary with engaging rhymes, chants, action stories, and songs.

Oral Language and Literacy: Read for the Road Ahead

Pave the way for future reading success one story at a time! This workshop will explore the essential components for early literacy, including oral language, comprehension, vocabulary, print awareness, phonological awareness, and alphabet knowledge. Participants will experience an interactive storytime lesson that incorporates these essential elements while building children’s knowledge and early literacy experiences.

Integrating Math into a Literacy-Rich Classroom

Learn how to help young children build confidence in mathematics right from the start! Participants will experience natural ways to fit math-rich experiences into the early childhood classroom, including how to use storybooks in circle time to make numbers concrete, boost counting skills, and extend the interactive learning in engaging hands-on center activities.

Raising a Reader: Engaging Families & Communities with Literacy

Learn how to engage families and child care providers with strategies to support reading at home and in the community.