Guided By Research

Research has demonstrated that providing professional development for teachers is critical to improving classroom instruction and student achievement (Ball & Cohen, 999; Cohen & Hill, 2000; Corcoran, Shields & Zucker, 1998; Darling-Hammond & McLaughlin, 1995; Elmore, 1997; National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, 1996).

The Institute of Education Sciences found that teachers who received more than 14 hours of professional development showed a positive and significant effect on student achievement. Furthermore, teachers who receive substantial amounts of professional development – an average of 49 hours – can boost student achievement by approximately 21 percentile points (Yoon, et al. 2007).

All of the Scholastic Classroom & Library Group Professional Development services are grounded in the latest research. Read more in our Research Compendium.

With these research underpinnings, we will partner with you to design an ongoing professional development plan that addresses your specific instructional needs, builds teacher effectiveness, and helps sustain improvement over time.