Master Classes

Research has shown the importance of providing professional development directly to teachers rather than through a “train-the-trainer” approach (Yoon, et al., 2007). Master Classes offer educators direct access to leading researchers and academics on a wide range of essential topics.

Whether for one day or multiple days, our nationally recognized professional authors and academics partner with our Literacy Consultants to focus on targeted topics and instructional practices based on current research. Take a look at a sample agenda.

Learn more about our experts: the academics and professional authors who inform the development of our programs and teaching resources. Many are available to lead your Master Class.

Professional development must also be intensive, sustained, content-focused and strongly implemented (Garet et al., 2001; Guskey, 2003), not just one-day events. Work with our Literacy Consultants to design an ongoing plan to extend and build on Master Class opportunities with Customizable Options.