Nonfiction/Content Area Reading

Grades 3-12

Creating Strategic Readers in the Content Areas

Content area books enhance curriculum-based learning by building background and academic language. Participants will explore the principles of comprehension and learn how to scaffold content area instruction in whole group, small group, and independent practice. Participants will experience hands-on activities and examine lessons that help students get the most out of content area reading.

Grades K-12

Building Powerful Readers with Powerful Vocabulary

Learn how to cultivate successful readers with research-based vocabulary strategies, using high-interest fiction and nonfiction. Experience how to engage students with research-based word-learning activities during motivating read-alouds. Discover how to use the four big ideas to assess students’ word knowledge and ability to apply vocabulary strategies with authentic text in all content areas.

Fostering Inquiry & 21st Century Critical Thinking Skills in the Classroom

Learn how to create an inquiry-based classroom that fosters the development of critical thinking skills in all content areas. In this workshop, participants will learn how to frame curriculum around meaningful essential questions, take students through the various levels of higher order thinking skills, and grow comprehension using multiple texts to build students’ ability to analyze textual evidence.

Unlock the Secrets of Informational Text

What do great American presidents, the grossest bugs and natural disasters have in common? This workshop will focus on the common features of informational text and the demands this text places on readers. Participants will learn strategies to help students navigate informational text, improve reading comprehension, build motivation and increase content-area knowledge.