Program Implementation

Research tells us that educators are more likely to change their teaching practices when professional development is directly linked to the program they are teaching (AERJ Research Points, 2005).

To ensure fidelity of program implementation, Scholastic provides teachers and administrators with an in-depth understanding of our research-based instructional programs and classroom book collections through the following:

Foundational Program Training supplies the necessary tools to begin an immediate and effective implementation of Scholastic programs. Scholastic Literacy Consultants support this effort for all Scholastic programs, including Guided Reading, Read and Rise, ID, Leveled Bookroom, Trait Crates, Cozy Corner, and more.

Follow-up Implementation Training presents deeper knowledge and expertise to maximize the effectiveness of the implementation. Educators collaborate with a Scholastic Literacy Consultant to analyze student work samples, address questions, and improve their implementation of the program.

In-Class Coaching with Scholastic Literacy Consultants helps ensure ongoing, effective implementation of the programs you purchase. Working alongside your teachers and coaches, we model, observe, and provide valuable feedback.