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Bringing Common Sense to the Common Core State Standards -Webinar Series

The transition to the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Assessments requires all educators to expand their skills to address key shifts in instruction.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of three nationally known experts, Scholastic Achievement Partners has created a three-part Common Core webinar series to guide educators in developing and teaching lessons that align with key instructional shifts.

Bringing Common Sense to the Common Core State Standards presents valuable insights, sensible approaches, and practical strategies to support teachers in preparing students for college and career readiness.

  • Presented by Sue Gendron
    Policy Coordinator, SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium
    Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education

    The Common Core State Standards specify K–12 expectations for college and career readiness. The challenge is ensuring students leave high school prepared. In this webinar, Sue Gendron provides expert insight into the Next Generation Assessments and discusses practical classroom strategies for preparing students for success on these more rigorous assessments.

  • Presented by Karen Burke, Ed. D.
    Director of Academic Planning & Analysis, Scholastic Achievement Partners

    Students must be able to read and comprehend complex texts to build knowledge across a broad range of subject matter. In this webinar, Dr. Karen Burke examines the role of text complexity in the Common Core State Standards and provides practical strategies for assessing and incorporating suitable text to boost literacy achievement for all students.

  • Presented by Julie McNamara, Ph.D.
    Development Manager, Math Solutions

    Students expect that mathematics will make sense and they draw upon what they know to solve problems. In this webinar, Julie McNamara discusses effective ways to use discourse to help students "make sense" of math and deepen their understanding of essential math concepts.

Common Core State Standards

Scholastic Achievement Partners is committed to building instructional and leadership capacity to support the transition to the Common Core State Standards. Wed welcome the opportunity to speak with you about professional development for teachers and leaders.

For more expert CCSS insight, contact us at SAP@Scholastic.com.