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Needs Assessment & Strategic Planning

To develop a successful solution, it is critical to begin with an accurate situation analytical. This can be particularly challenging where school improvement is concerned, because there are typically many stakeholders involved, each with their own opinions. We can help articulate where you are now, and where you want be using these fact-based analysis tools.

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WE Surveys tailored to specific audiences assess the quality of instruction, learning environment, student engagement, and leadership as perceived by students, teachers, staff, school leaders, and the community.

The SAP Gap Analysis tool uses your tool uses your existing data to help segment students for tiered delivery of curriculum based on proficiency. It can also help school leaders determine how to allocate resources and forecast “treatment” duration for different student populations, and evaluate Return on Instructional Investment (ROII).

We can work with you to conduct a Common Core Readiness Audit to determine how your curriculum aligns to the Common Core State Standards. Our proprietary online tool, the Next Navigator, helps streamline the process and dramatically reduces the time required to complete this alignment.

A certified Instructional Coach will conduct observations, focus groups, and interviews to document the instructional quality in your school or district. Findings will be summarized against key criteria, like rigor and engagement, and compiled in a format that you can be share with your staff if you choose.

Building on upfront analysis and ongoing collaboration, we will work with you to prioritize your needs, develop an action plan, and determine how to measure our efforts. All of this comes together in the Strategic Plan, which serves as a road map for your school improvement initiative. Staff and stakeholder buy-in is essential, which is why we have developed proven practices for facilitating strategic-planning discussions around this document.

With the Strategic Plan as the road map, your Project Manager will monitor progress against your objectives and communicate with you regularly. We don't like surprises, and know you don't either. Progress will always be evaluated using the metrics documented in the Strategic Plan.