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Dedicated to the Development of Great School Leaders, Effective Teachers, and High-Performing Schools
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Our Approach

No two schools are alike. Our work with you will be based on a deep understanding of your unique goals and challenges and built around a plan that is specific to your needs.

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5 Principles for Sustainable School Improvement

The 5 Principles for Sustainable School Improvement is a research-based theory of action designed to keep all stakeholders focused on what matters most and serve as an ongoing touchstone for our work together.

Start with a Plan, Grounded in Data,
and Monitor Relentlessly

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Build a Rock-Solid Foundation in Literacy and Math
Learn About Scholastic Programs and Implementation Services

Align All Systems Around Teacher and Leader Effectiveness
Learn About Our Teacher Professional Development Services
Learn About the Daggett System for Effective Instruction

Implement a College– and Career–Ready Curriculum
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Engage Students, Families, Staff, and the Community in a Culture of Success
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Engagement Model

Our four-phase engagement model ensures that the process by which we work together is rooted in data and customized to your needs. It is intentionally designed to function as a structure, not a script.

Through proprietary data analysis and survey tools we partner with you to determine both existing areas of success and challenges.

Many of the answers to improving your school can be found through the knowledge and creativity of your staff. We work with your team to harness this energy and convert it into an actionable plan.

We help implement your plan with focus and fidelity and provide access to the collective wisdom of over 700 professionals including project managers, executive and instructional coaches, and content-area experts.

A truism of ALL implementation is that the unexpected WILL happen. Through identification and tracking of key metrics, and ongoing review, we work with you to identify the unexpected early and keep your implementation on track.

The Daggett System for Effective Instruction

Founded by educational thought leader, Dr. Bill Daggett, the Daggett System for Effective Instruction is a cohesive approach for making instructional excellence the norm in every classroom, and for equipping educators with the skills and resources to accomplish this goal. This framework is based on the premise that a coordinated focus on all three levels of the education organization is required to make improvements in classroom teaching sustainable and scalable. In order to realize the vision of the Daggett System for Effective Instruction, we offer intensive support for both leaders and teachers to give them the support they need for effective teaching.

Teachers must have deep content knowledge and be armed with a powerful set of instructional strategies to drive student achievement.

Instructional priorities must be clearly defined with data used in a systematic way to drive decision making and ongoing opportunities provided for professional growth.

School leaders must create a shared vision and culture for success with organizational systems aligned to support student achievement.