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Dedicated to the Development of Great School Leaders, Effective Teachers, and High-Performing Schools
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Scholastic Program Implementation Services

The goal of Scholastic Implementation Services is to give you the professional development, tools, and advice that you need to help your academic improvement initiatives succeed. We'll partner with you, advise, project manage—whatever you need to ensure your students' success and build capacity to sustain achievement using Scholastic programs. Our job is to support your team to get results for your students.

Scholastic offers a full range of service solutions to support teachers and school leaders in implementing Scholastic programs:
  • Implementation Training
  • In-Classroom Support
  • Project Management Services
  • In-Person Seminars
  • Technical Services
  • Data Services
learn about the management achievement protocol (MAP). Our blueprint for the effective implementation of Scholastic programs.
About Scholastic Literacy & Math Programs

Literacy is the way to all other school improvement initiatives. High levels of proficiency translate to increased achievement across all content areas. In conjunction with partners like Vanderbilt University and respected experts like Dr. Marilyn Adams, Scholastic has developed a suite of literacy programs proven to accelerate students at all levels of proficiency.

The Blueprint for Comprehensive Literacy Improvement

System 44
System 44 is a breakthrough foundational reading program for your most challenged students in Grades 3–12+.

READ 180
READ 180 is a comprehensive system of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development proven to raise reading achievement for struggling readers in Grades 4–12.

Expert 21
Expert 21 is a comprehensive English Language Arts program for Grades 6–9 designed to ensure that all students are college and career ready.

Blueprint for Literacy Improvement
Validated Assessments Ensure Accurate Placement and Ongoing Progress Monitoring

Scholastic Reading Inventory
Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) is a computer-adaptive assessment that measures reading comprehension using the Lexile Framework for Reading. It is a fast, accurate tool for placement and progress monitoring.

Scholastic Phonics Inventory
Scholastic Phonics Inventory (SPI) is a secondary screener designed for students at the low end of the Lexile range to determine which students will benefit from the most intensive level of foundational reading intervention.

About Scholastic Literacy & Math Programs

Given the widely varying levels of teacher preparedness in math, professional development for effective teaching of mathematics is critical. For this reason, we have developed innovative curriculum programs that use research-based foundations to build student skills and conceptual understanding, while surrounding teachers with the support they need.

Scholastic FASTT Math Scholastic Fraction NationDo The Math Created by Marilyn BurnsScholastic Math Inventory, Math Assessment Program

Scholastic Math Inventory
Scholastic Math Inventory(SMI) is a research-based, computer-adaptive assessment that provides a direct measure of math achievement on the Quantile Framework® for Mathematics. SMI provides educators with actionable data that describes a student’s readiness for instruction.

Scholastic GO Solve