Align Curriculum & Assessment

We offer multiple courses, as well as intensive, side-by-side coaching, to help educators deconstruct the Standards, re-align and design curriculum and assessments, and track progress for every grade level.

This collaborative, interactive process enables participants to:

  • Deconstruct grade-level standards and Assessment Consortia claims and targets
  • Receive clear models of instruction and develop essential questions and pacing guides
  • Prioritize assessment targets for the year and select learning outcomes for each unit
  • Build coherence between curriculum, assessment, and instruction to develop a standards-aligned pacing calendar and new units of study
  • Improve instructional strategies to differentiate for all learners including ELLs and students with special needs

Monica Cole, ICLE Director of Professional Learning, explains the process SAP consultants support teachers in to ensure students experience the same standards in the classroom as they will on the Next Generation Assessments.