Digital Learning Tools: Nextpert

We all know that the opportunity to revisit concepts and strategies with the help of video and other tools makes for more effective and sustained learning. With Nextpert—a new on-demand professional learning system, teachers and coaches can manage their own learning and dig deeper whenever they feel the need.

Nextpert users can…


Lesson and assessment-building tools help teachers create engaging lessons and application-based assessment items, as well as personalize existing items from the Nextpert resource library.


Teachers can build their expertise—pinpointed to their area of need and on their own schedule—with graduate-level courses and extensive resources in an intuitive, easily searchable library.


One-click access to instructional experts and peer collaboration helps guide teachers’ planning and preparation for Next Generation instruction right when it’s needed most.

Learn how Nextpert sets teachers up for success—on evaluations, in transforming instruction for the Common Core and Next Generation Assessments, and in preparing their students for successful futures.