Drive Transitional Change

To drive transitional change, effective oversight of your literacy, math, and comprehensive school initiatives is imperative. Our Project Managers will not only support you and your staff in implementing best practices, but will also monitor progress against your objectives and communicate with you regularly. Progress will always be evaluated using the metrics documented in the Strategic Plan. Project management services are customized and provide support for:

Organizational Leaders

- Create and monitor a comprehensive plan for successful implementation

- Develop and share implementation fidelity reports and recommendations

- Use Gap and Gains data to support decision making

Instructional Leaders

- Offer instruction and model coaching techniques

- Establish department protocols for implementation

- Facilitate site-based cadre meetings in order to build capacity

All Teachers

- Develop and manage an in-classroom support schedule

- Moderate district bulletin boards for teachers to facilitate discussions

- Provide ongoing training to develop best instructional practices

Overall Implementation Health

- Coordinate technical planning, installation, maintenance, and support

- Conduct site visits to monitor implementation health

- Manage your SAP Implementation Consultants

Sam Howe, Vice President of Academic Planning & Analysis, explains how SAP helps districts create a data-driven school improvement plan based on their specific needs.