English Language Learners

Like all struggling students, those who are challenged in school because English is a second language deserve focused attention and effective instruction targeted to their needs. We provide unparalleled, in-person, job-embedded, and online support for teachers and coaches to meet the needs of their English language learners.

Some of our programs designed to support special education students include:

READ 180® is an intensive reading intervention program that uses adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction to meet the needs of students whose reading achievement is below the proficient level.

System 44® Next Generation helps students master the CCSS foundational reading skills through explicit instruction in comprehension and writing, and personalized learning progression driven by technology.

iRead™ a digital reading program with embedded assessment and personalized learning progressions for each student, equips young learners to exceed the Common Core foundational reading standards.

English 3D® is an English language development program for long-term English language learners in Grades 6–9 that focuses on academic vocabulary, speaking and listening, and writing.

Scholastic Big Day for PreK® is a comprehensive year long program that helps children develop social-emotional, emergent literacy, oral language, math, and content-area skills through theme-based learning.